Who Is The Prettiest Disney Princess?

Who is the cutest Disney character?

Ranking The 21 Cutest Disney CharactersRolly – 101 Dalmatians.


Bullseye – Toy Story Franchise.




Olaf – Frozen.


Flounder – The Little Mermaid.


Baby Pegasus – Hercules.


Abu – Aladdin.


Baymax – Big Hero 6.More items…•.

Who is the meanest Disney villain?

Who’s the meanest Disney villain of them all? (photo gallery)Wicked Stepmother (“Cinderella”)Shan Yu (“Mulan”)Captain Hook (“Peter Pan”)John Ratcliffe (“Pocahontas”)Claude Frollo (“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”)Jafar (“Aladdin”)Gaston (“Beauty and the Beast”)Hades (“Hercules”)More items…•

How old is Elsa?

Elsa (Frozen)ElsaVoiced byIdina Menzel (adult) Frozen: Eva Bella (8-year-old) Spencer Ganus (12-year-old) Frozen II: Mattea Conforti (young Elsa) Eva Bella (young Elsa, archive audio)Age8 to 24 yearsBirth dateWinter Solstice (December 21–22)Inspired byThe Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale9 more rows

Who is the youngest Disney Princess?

Snow WhiteSnow White is almost the youngest of all the Disney Princesses at 14 years old, but few people remember Princess Eilonwhy from The Black Cauldron. She’s just 12 years old. Other young Disney princesses include Jasmine from Aladdin, who is 15, and Aurora, Mulan, and Ariel, who are 16.

Who is the lost princess Disney?

RapunzelDisney’s Tangled: Rapunzel Realizes She’s the Lost Princess.

Who is the most loved Disney character?

Mickey Mouse1. Mickey Mouse. Since his first appearance in 1928, Mickey Mouse has been a favorite, Over the years, he has become one of the most recognizable characters in the world, and while he hasn’t been in a big feature film in years, he’s still #1 for kids and adults alike.

Why is Odette not a Disney princess?

Odette, Swan Lake note: Several Disney-savvy readers have pointed out that The Swan Princess was actually directed by a former Disney animator but produced by another company. Since Disney did scrap a Swan Lake adaptation, we’ll still call Odette a missed opportunity.]

Who is the dumbest Disney character?

Top 10 Dumbest Animated Disney Characters3 0 3. 5LeFou – Beauty and the Beast. … 3 0 3. 6Dopey – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. … 3 1 2. 7Dory – Finding Nemo & Finding Dory. … 2 0 2. 8Jasper and Horace Badun – 101 Dalmatians. … 2 0 2. 9Hei Hei – Moana. … 2 1 1. 10Olaf – Frozen. Make Your Case.1 1 0. 11Rex – “Toy Story” franchises. Make Your Case.1 1 0. 12Gideon – Pinocchio.More items…

10 Underrated Disney Characters That Changed EverythingScuttle, The Little Mermaid. … Chef Bouche, Beauty and the Beast. … Carpet, Aladdin. … Zazu, The Lion King. … Flit, Pocahontas. … Dopey, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. … Cri-Kee, Mulan. … Jaq, Cinderella.More items…•

Who is the ugliest Disney princess?

Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated film Frozen. She is so ugly, and is already going white at 20.

Who is the most forgotten Disney princess?

Top 10 Forgotten Disney PrincessesPrincess Kiara. Kiara is the daughter of the Simba Lion King and his wife, Nala, and is featured in the film Lion King II.Princess Kida Nedakh. … Princess Tiger Lily. … Princess Faline. … Princess Melody. … Princess Eilonwy. … Princess Dot. … Princess Atta. … More items…

Who is the strongest Disney princess?

10 Strongest Disney Princesses, Ranked3 ANNA/ELSA – FROZEN.4 TIANA – THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. … 5 JASMINE – ALADDIN. … 6 BELLE – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. … 7 POCAHONTAS. … 8 RAPUNZEL – TANGLED. … 9 ARIEL – THE LITTLE MERMAID. … 10 CINDERELLA. When Disney fans think of Cinderella, the word “strength” usually doesn’t come to mind. … More items…•