What Is I Love You In Nigerian Language?

What does Oya mean in Nigerian?

Oya (“Hurry up”) It functions as a call to action and depending on context, can mean ‘come on’ or ‘hurry up’, similar to “vamos“ in Spanish or “schnell” in German.

It can also be used to cajole; “oya na” can mean something along the lines of “please reconsider”..

What does Abi mean in Nigerian?

“Abi” or “shebi” is a yoruba word that could mean “that’s it”, “yes”, “I agree with u”, “am with u”, “are u with me” etc. Its sha positive.

What does SHA mean in Nigerian?

O, sha and abi are pragmatic markers borrowed from Nigerian indigenous languages into Nigerian English. … Sha is a discourse marker, an attention marker and a mitigation marker. • Abi occurs as a discourse marker and as an agreement marker.

How do u say love in Islam?

Muslim is NOT a LANGUAGE. The most common and the most general term for love in Arabic is حب (Hubb). This word is used in a wide variety of situations, to refer to love between lovers, love for one’s parents, love for God, love for one’s country etc.

What is I love you in languages?

Dutch: Ik hou van jou (ick how fan yow) Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua (mee-na rah-ka-stahn see-noo-ah) French: Je t’aime (Zhuh tem) German: Ich liebe dich (Ick leebuh dik)

Whats the meaning of OPOR?

transitive verb to oppose[oˈpor] (irreg: like pôr) transitive verb. to oppose.

What does Lamba mean in Nigeria?

dancing and partyingLamba is a Yoruba slang term for dancing and partying.

What does Chai mean in Nigeria?

Chai! Definition: Usually exclamation, used to express grief, surprise, disappointment and anger, e.t.c see also choi.

What is I love you in Paris?

Je t’aime“I love you” in French is Je t’aime.

How do u say hello in Nigerian?

A traditional Nigerian greeting used by the Idoma in Benue State area, Abole translates roughly as “How are you?” or simply “Hello”.Mavo. Literally translated as “how are you?”, Mavo is the way the Urhobo’s say “hello”. … How far? Usually pronounced “har fa”. … Hey. … I hail.

What is fufu Nigeria?

It consists of starchy foods—such as cassava, yams, or plantains—that have been boiled, pounded, and rounded into balls; the pounding process, which typically involves a mortar and pestle, can be laborious. Fufu is often dipped into sauces or eaten with stews of meat, fish, or vegetables.

How do you say bye in Nigeria?

The Urhobo word for goodbye is matode. It actually translates to ‘see you tomorrow’ though. Or if you don’t remember any of these, just switch to our ‘lingua franca’ and say, how far na!

Do they say I love you in Japan?

The word ai shiteru 愛してる is essentially the default phrase for “I love you” in Japanese. It is also the one that arguably comes closest in meaning to the English expression “I love you.” The character 愛 ai literally translates to “love,” typically with the connotation of romantic love.

What’s Wahala mean?

Wahala (Yoruba) Wahala pronounced (wa-ha-la) is the meaning of (Trouble) or (problem) used by the Yoruba tribe and commonly used throughout Nigeria. Etymology : A word common in the Yoruba Language of Nigeria.

What does alaye mean in Nigerian?

Alaye in Yoruba language means explanation. If you tell someone e se alaye fun mi (pronounced e (as in egg) shalaye funmi) you’re saying “explain to me”.

What is the full meaning of Marlians?

Gift from GodA user from Nigeria says the name Marlians is of Nigerian origin and means “Gift”. … A submission from Nigeria says the name Marlians means “Gift from God” and is of Nigerian origin.

How do you say thank you in Nigerian?

NigeriaEnglish: Thank you.Hausa: Nagode.Igbo: Imena.Yoruba: E se.