Quick Answer: Is Bank Covered Under RTI?

What can be asked in RTI?

According to Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, information means any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails , press releases, circulars, contracts, samples, models, data held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any ….

What is the RTI fee?

10/-(Rupees ten), payable to The Accounts Officer of the Public Authority as fee prescribed for seeking information. The payment of fee can also be made by way of cash to the Accounts Officer of the public authority or to the Assistant Public Information Officer against proper receipt.

Which information can be denied under RTI?

Grounds of Rejection of RTI There are only three possible grounds on which information can be denied: The organisation is not a Public authority – eg. a Cooperative Society, or a Private corporate or Institution, not substantially financed or controlled by the Government.

Is SBI comes under RTI?

To file an application under RTI Act, there is no legal format. Even an hand written application can be filed. Write the application on plain paper or you may type it. Address the application to Public Information Officer, State Bank of India with complete address of it’s zonal office or concerned branch.

What happens if RTI is not answered?

If an applicant is not satisfied with the response received or does not get a response at all or in the prescribed time frame then an individual should file an appeal with the relevant first appellate authority within 30 days of the expiry of the 30 day time period to supply information.

Does Supreme Court comes under RTI?

The office of the Chief Justice of India will come under the ambit of the Right to Information Act, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday. A five-member DC bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi agreed in principle to share information but on a case-to-case basis and subject to RTI safeguards.

Does NGO come under RTI?

Non-Government 0rganisations (NGOs) that are “substantially financed, directly or indirectly”, by government funds will fall within the ambit of “public authority” under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

Can salary details be given under RTI?

Under the RTI Act, the public authorities have the obligation to disclose the monthly emoluments paid to their employees. U/s 4(1)(b)(x) of the Act, “the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations” should be published.

Is RBI under RTI?

The Reserve Bank of India is a public authority as defined in the Right to Information Act, 2005. As such, the Reserve Bank of India is obliged to provide information to members of public. Designation of Transparency Officer under the Right to Information Act, 2005 in the Reserve Bank of India.

How many times RTI can be filed?

You can file an RTI everyday or twice a day or as frequently as you want. Only thing is, once you have filed an RTI – you should wait for 30 days for the PIO to reply (except for life and liberty issues which are to be replied within 48 hours) before filing an appeal.

How can I file RTI in bank?

Steps for writing the RTI application against BankDownload this RTI Template for Banks (Taken from Wealth Club)Put the address and branch name of your Bank.Write down all the other details like name, address, email, phone and other details if any.Put the information required at the appropriate place in the template.More items…•

What is covered under RTI?

It covers all the constitutional authorities, including executive, legislature and judiciary; any institution or body established or constituted by an act of Parliament or a state legislature.

How can I file RTI against RBI?

Here’s a step by step guide to file an RTI application for ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, RBIWrite a formal application may be typed or neatly hand-written , wherein mention atop ” Application under RTI act 2005″.You can write RTI application in English, Hindi or the official language of the area.More items…

How many information can be asked in RTI application?

The RTI Act is silent on the number of information that can be sought. RTI Rules too only provide that ordinarily the RTI Application should not contain more than 500 words excluding annexures.

Which information Cannot be given in RTI?

“Under Section 8 (1) J of the RTI Act, there is no obligation on the information officer to give personal information, disclosure of which has no relationship with any public activity or interest or which would cause unwarranted invasion on the privacy of the individual unless the authority is satisfied that the …