Quick Answer: How Do I Get In Touch With Wowcher?

Is there a catch with Wowcher?

Yes, the Wowcher website is a legitimate business..

What does redeem voucher mean?

redeem a coupon, voucher, etc. to exchange a piece of paper representing a particular amount of money for that amount of money or for goods to this value. Replacing and exchanging.

Where is Wowcher based?

Wowcher Ltd is the second largest British e-commerce deal of the day site in the UK and Ireland. The site allows subscribers access to products and services from local merchants. It serves 52 cities around the UK and Ireland.

What delivery service does Wowcher use?

myHermes Parcel Delivery Voucher | Shop | Wowcher.

How do I contact Wowcher direct?

All press enquiries should be sent to: press@wowcher.co.uk. Only Press related emails will receive a response. If you have a query regarding an order please use our Help Centre.

What are Wowcher points?

Customers have to earn 5,000 points – or bronze level – before they can claim the credits. At this level, you get 2p worth of Wowcher Wallet credits for every 1200 points. So 5,000 points is worth £1 that can be spent on Wowcher. To reach silver you need 17,000 points and the rate of redemption rises to 3 per cent.

How do Groupons work?

The way it works is that Groupon offers different deals each day for a local good, service or event in a city where it operates. Discounts range from 50 percent to 90 percent off. The promotion is only valid if a certain number of consumers purchase the deal within 24 hours.

Can I get a refund from Wowcher?

► Q: Can I refund a wowcher? … Please include the order number, the Wowcher code and, if you originally paid in cash, your preferred payment method. Refund requests received 15 days or more after the day after the day you received the Wowcher are considered on a case by case basis. You can request credit here.

How do I close my Wowcher account?

How to stop Wowcher’s emails and delete your account. The best solution seems to be to ring Wowcher on 0203 699 5024. Ignore the requests for an order reference number and demand to speak to an operator. Explain that you have tried to unsubscribe and that you are still receiving emails.

How do I contact Wowcher UK?

By completing our “Contact Us” form on the Site at www.wowcher.co.uk/myaccount/csform.html. By telephone on 0203 699 5024 between 9:00-16:00 Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at the national rate.

Are Wowcher and Groupon the same company?

Wowcher and Groupon are the online equivalent of high street retailers’ outlet stores, that basically allow them to showcase all of their unwanted stock that they just simply can’t shift – bit like that con of ‘Boxing Day Sales’ where companies just bring in the goods from their outlet stores and make out like they’ve …

How do you complain to Wowcher?

Customer Service Hotline: 0871 472 1676 Currently, Wowcher published only a single telephone number for members of the public. The hotline is a single stop for all aspects of their operation, including general enquiries, after sales support and complaints.

How do you use Wowcher?

How Wowcher Works…Browse our site and choose from a great range of deals.Buy a Wowcher from our website or mobile app (and think of the savings £££)PING! receive a Wowcher code via email.Redeem your Wowcher code by following the instructions on your Wowcher. … Say “WOWCHER!” and enjoy your item or experience!

Is Groupon reliable?

Groupon is definitely a legit company. It was founded in 2008, and since then, has grown to serve almost 50 million active users. Very few people have issues using these online coupons due to the fact that as soon as a fraudulent offer is revealed by one user, it would be removed instantly.