Quick Answer: How Can I Get Airtel Ringtone?

Is Airtel caller tune free?

The latest is free Hello Tunes for its postpaid and prepaid customers.

The benefit is available to all Airtel customers with plans of ₹129 and above.

Airtel users can get a new Hello Tune via the company’s Wynk music application.

Users can change their Hello Tune as many times they want..

What is the number of Airtel caller tune?

NameNumberSMS543215Call543211Record a song57878To Copy Hello TunePress *9 (for Airtel nos only)4 more rows

How can I set Airtel caller tune by SMS?

You can also activate the caller tune in your airtel mobile number by sending an SMS only. In this method, you just need to write a Message and it send to 543211. Simply write “SET and it sends to 543211. To write the SMS you need the song code.

How can I copy a caller tune?

If you like your friend’s caller tune and want to copy it then follow this simple step. All you have to do is press the star button next time when you call the person whose caller tune you wish to copy.

How do you set a caller tune in WYNK?

Launch Wynk Music app and tap on the “Hello Tunes” icon available on the top right corner of the app. Then, select or play the song you want to set as Airtel caller tunes. To enjoy free services, you will be required to confirm your Hello Tune on Wynk Music app every 30 days.

What is Airtel customer care?

Call our Call Centre free, at anytime and we’ll answer your questions and help you to make the most of Airtel services. To call us, just dial 111 / 121 from your Airtel phone. You can also dial +234 802 150 0111 and +234 802 150 0121 if you are not using an Airtel phone or if you are abroad.

How can I get Airtel caller tune?

Dial *678# to activate airtel caller tune with ussd method. You can choose caller tune from popular listed songs or either you can use the search option to find the song of your wish.

How can I set caller tune in Airtel free?

To set free Hello Tunes, you just need to download the Wynk Music app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. After downloading the app, open it and tap on the ‘Hello Tunes’ icon. You will find the icon on the top right side of the app’s window.

Can I set my own caller tune in Airtel?

With this, Airtel mobile customers can stamp their caller tune with their own identity by following a simple process that allows them to search and set their name as their Hello Tune. To avail the “Your Name Your Tune” service, send an SMS NT to 543215 (TollFree).

How can I deactivate my Airtel caller tune?

How to Deactivate Caller Tunes or Hello Tunes For any Network in India?Call ‘543211808’ (toll-free)Send an SMS by typing ‘STOP’ (without quotes) to 543211.Dial *678#

How can I set caller tune?

4 ways to activate your JioTunesDownload MyJio app from Play Store/App Store. Open MyJio app and select ‘JioTunes’ option. … Login to JioSaavn App to check out latest releases. Search and select a song of your choice to set as Jio Tune. … To explore JioTunes, SMS JT to 56789. … Press * to copy JioTune.