Question: What Is The Word Root For Male?

What does reproduce mean?

to make a copy, representation, duplicate, or close imitation of: to reproduce a picture.

to produce again or anew by natural process: to reproduce a severed branch.


to produce one or more other individuals of (a given kind of organism) by some process of generation or propagation, sexual or asexual..

What is the meaning of reproductive years?

reproductive age. In women, those years of life between menarche and menopause, roughly from ages 12 to 49. The term is imprecise, since some women can become pregnant and bear children at younger or older ages. In men, those years between the onset of puberty and loss of fertility.

What root word means reproductive?

Root Words: Female Reproductive system. Colp/o. Episi/o.

What is the root word for mouth?

aural / oral / verbal Something verbal is expressed in words, either spoken or written. … The roots of the word oral go back to the Latin word for “mouth,” which is os.

What root means nail?

Necr/o. Death (cell or body) Onych/o. Nail. Papill/o.

What root means thick?

Root: sclero. Meaning: hard. Word: scleroderma. Meaning: thickening/hardening of the skin due to new collagen forming. Word: symptom.

Which root means fat?

Lip/o, Lipid/o. Fat. Melan/o.

What is a synonym for erectile dysfunction?

Synonyms. impotence ED male erecticle dysfunction impotency disfunction dysfunction. Antonyms. potency potence powerfulness effectiveness power.

What is the root that means testicle?

root meaning testicle. testicul, orch. What does testis mean in latin?

What three roots mean fat?

Medical Terminology For Dummies, 2nd EditionRoot WordWhat It MeansSeb/oSebum (fat)Squam/oScaleSteat/oFat, sebumTrich/oHair29 more rows

How do you spell testicle?

Plural testes (tĕs′tēz)

Which word root means pus?

Pyoderma – Pyo (root) combining form of the word for pus and derma; skin infection involving pus formation.