Question: Is Soul Qualified For Pmco?

What is the rank of team soul in Pmco?

14thTeam SOUL was in 14th position whereas Team Entity was placed third with impressive gameplay..

How do you qualify for Pmco?

Schedule & format of PMCO Fall Split, PMPL, PMWL 2020 Squads must register under the region their country falls in and team members have to be at least 16 years old or above and must be ranked Platinum or above at the time of registration.

Why RonaK and Owais left soul?

Consequently, Scout left Soul clan after the controversy. He had started preparing for the ongoing PMIT along with the other three teammates. So, Ronak and Owais also left the clan to join Scout in pursuit of the trophy.

Will Souls play 2020 Pmis?

SouL have announced that they will not be taking part in PMIS 2020. The team will use this time to work on their mistakes and bounce back stronger.

Is Soul playing in Pmco?

The announcement was made by MortaL while streaming live on his YouTube, and this is also the reason why SouL is not playing PMCO Spring Split 2020 as they will directly play PMPL 2020.

Which teams are qualified for Pmco Global Finals?

Here’s the final standing of the PMCO 2019 Fall Split Global Finals:Bigetron (Indonesia) – 303 points.Top Esports (China) – 197 points.Mega (Thailand) – 191 points.ILMN (Thailand) – 190 points.Entity Gaming (India) – 157 points.Team Queso (Argentina) – 151 points.RRQ (Thailand) – 147 points.More items…•