Question: How Do I Turn On My Mi Phone If The Power Button Doesnt Work?

What to do if power button is not working?

How To Unlock Your Android Device When Power Button Doesn’t WorkOnce all your charge is depleted, simply connecting your device to the charger may restart your device.

Try connecting to a PC or a laptop via USB cable.

If you have USB debugging enabled, then you can restart your device using ADB commands..

How do I screenshot on my Android if my power button is broken?

Begin by heading over to the screen or app on your Android that you want to take a screen of. To trigger the Now on Tap screen ( a feature that allows button-less screenshot) press and hold the home button. Once you see the Now on Tap screen slide up from the bottom, let go of the home button on your Android device.

How do I know if my power button is broken?

Start by unplugging the power switch from your motherboard. 2. Take a flat head screw driver and touch it to the two pins the power switch was plugged into for 1-2 seconds. If the unit comes on then the power button is faulty, otherwise you may want to try the paper clip test on your power supply.

How do I turn off my power button without the power button?

Most apps just turn off the screen, they don’t power off the droid.Open the app.Tap “BUTTON tab”Tick “POWER DIALOG”Touch “DISPLAY”The round “Power Button” will display on screen.Touch the “Power Button”, then select “Power off or Restart”

How do I turn on my Xiaomi phone?

Press & hold the Volume Up and Power buttons together. Release the Power button when the Mi logo appears on the screen (don’t release the volume up button yet). Navigate using the volume buttons (up or down) and confirm by using the power button. Select “English” (or whatever language you prefer).

How do I reset my mi phone?

How reset Mi phone via SettingsOpen the settings application of your phone.Tap general settings.Tap backup & reset.Tap factory data reset.Next, you can choose if you want to remove download apps and contents in external Sd card.Once you are ready, Reset phone.

How can I turn on my mi phone without power button?

One method to power ON an Android without Power button is:Take a USB cable and connect it to a PC / Laptop, Hold The Volume down button on your handset and insert the USB cable into your handset while still holding the Volume button.More items…

How do I turn on my phone if the power button is broken?

Volume Button Make sure your phone battery has enough charge for the phone to actually run. Hold down the volume down key and connect your phone via USB cable to your PC. Keep the volume button held down until you see a boot menu. Select the ‘Start’ option using your volume keys, and your phone will power on.

How do I fix my xiaomi power button?

Steps To Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note Power Button Issue From the screen that then appears, you should choose the icon represented as ‘…’. You can choose the ‘reboot to recovery mode’ option. The problem is likely to be solved by rebooting.

How can I turn on my phone without the power button and power button Android?

Most of the times, one can get the recovery menu by long pressing the Home, Power, and Volume up button simultaneously. Some other popular key combinations are: Home + Volume up + Volume down, Home + Power button, Home + Power + Volume down, and so on.

How can I turn on my Samsung phone without the power button?

Turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 without power button. Turn on Android device without power button. All you need to do is just hold down the volume button while plugging in your device to a power source. Then hit Volume down to “restart” it.

How do I fix fastboot mode?

Just press power menu for 5 seconds or more.Your device will reboot.If it still goes to fastboot then check the volume buttons, might get stuck.More items…