How Can I Make My IPhone 6 Better?

How can I make my iPhone 6 2020 faster?

How to Speed Up an Phone> Update iOS.> Restart your iPhone.> Kill automatic background processes.> Turn down the graphics.> Clear Safari’s cookies and data.> Free up space on your iPhone.> Check the iPhone’s battery.> Restore to factory settings.More items…•.

What can iPhone 6s do that 6 can t?

9 things you can do with the new iPhone 6S that you can’t do with the iPhone 6You can shoot Live Photos on the iPhone 6S. … You can jump into certain tasks within apps more quickly using 3D Touch. … You can take better selfies with the iPhone 6S since it has a flash on the front.More items…•

How can I make my iPhone 6 battery last longer?

12 Tips to Extend Battery on iPhone 6/6 PlusTurn Down Brightness. … Say Goodbye to Parallax. … Limit Background App Refreshing. … Download Apps While Plugged In. … Turn Off Share Your Location. … Turn AirDrop Off. … Turn Bluetooth Off. … Review App Battery Usage.More items…

Where is tips on iPhone?

Get tips on iPhoneGo to Settings , then tap Notifications.Tap Tips below Notification Style, then turn on Allow Notifications.Choose options for the location and style of tip notifications, when they should appear, and so on.

What features does an iPhone 6 have?

iSight Camera8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels.Autofocus with Focus Pixels.ƒ/2.2 aperture.Optical image stabilization (iPhone 6 Plus only)True Tone flash.Five-element lens.Hybrid IR filter.Backside illumination sensor.More items…•

What Can I Do With iPhone 6?

iPhone 6: Cool features you should be usingCool features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhones with larger screens are out in the wild. … Reachability. The larger screens on the iPhones, the iPhone 6 Plus model in particular, make one-handed operation difficult. … Display zoom. … Handoff. … Voice over LTE (VoLTE) … “Hey Siri” … Camera HDR.

How do I put my iPhone 6 in dark mode?

To enable it, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. From this screen, tap on the “+” button next “Dark mode.” This will enable the dedicated dark mode toggle at the end of the Control Center. Tap on the button to toggle dark mode on and off.

Is iPhone 6s still good in 2020?

Overall iPhone 6s is still pretty much a good phone, but an important fact is a budget here. Especially if you want a phone as a start for the Apple phones, this phone is the deal cracker for you. If you can manage one around $200, you can still consider it a very good deal.

What should I do if I drop my iPhone 6 in water?

What to do if you drop your iPhone in waterTurn it off immediately. Power off your iPhone as soon as possible. … Take your iPhone out of the case. Take your iPhone out of its case to make sure it’s totally dry. … Ease liquid out of the ports. … Remove your SIM card. … Wait for your iPhone to dry.

Is it OK to leave your iPhone charging all night?

Unless there’s something wrong with the charging equipment you use or the smartphone itself, it’s totally safe to leave your iPhone or Android phone charging overnight. … “Having your phone plugged in at night doesn’t diminish the battery,” iFixit head Kyle Wiens told the site.

Is there a secret mode on iPhone?

iPhone’s “secret” field test menu Then hit the green call button. This code opens up a secret menu filled with your iPhone’s hidden field test data. Once it’s successfully processed, it will display information about your iPhone’s cell connection, its quality and even your mobile IP address.

How long can a iPhone 6 last in water?

Although Apple might still be at least a generation away from a waterproof smartphone, warranty service provider SquareTrade has found that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could actually survive for at least a short amount of time when fully submerged in water. After 10 seconds underwater, SquareTrade removed the phones.

Is iPhone 6 still supported?

In particular, the iPhone 6, along with several other older iPhone models, won’t be able to support the new operating system, according to Apple. … As Engadget described, the iPhone SE, 6S, and 6S Plus are the oldest phone models that will support iOS 13, meaning that the iPhone 6 doesn’t make the cut.

Is an iPhone 6 waterproof?

Iphone7 is an official water proof but iPhone 6 and 6s is not an official waterproof but there after it is water proof and have a capacity to hold water for a limited time but we can’t say iPhone 6 is completely water proof but unofficial iPhone 6 is water proof.

Why is my iPhone 6 plus slow?

Step 1. Your iPhone may be running out of storage space. Slow performance can be an indication of memory problem like insufficient memory. For example, your iPhone might be already running out of storage and is no longer able to accommodate new contents or processes.

Is it worth getting the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6S is still a great phone to buy and just because it’s a bit old, doesn’t make it a bad choice. The operating system is so well optimised it doesn’t feel like it’s aged much. Everything including the user interface, multi-tasking, apps run just as smooth as most other iPhones.